Helping You Change Your Story So That You Can Change Your Life.

This is the “First Day” of your new story journey and you can start by downloading your 10 Steps You Need to Know about Better Journaling.

Learn how to:

Sharpen your focus

Increase your motivation

Save your time searching for more benefits.

Journaling has changed my life…

For me, one of the most powerful tools I have found in successfully navigating the challenges that we face has been journaling.

If you are looking for an incredible and effective coach to guide you through life difficulties into a more fulfilling life, you’ll find o... Read More

Beata Life Coaching Testimonial – Marlene W
Marlene W
Financial Advisor, Manchester, UK

Beata will take you on a journey to explore your innermost thinking and help you move those beliefs that get in the way of your personal and... Read More

Beata Life Coaching Testimonial – Chari Schwartz
Chari Schwartz
Certified Coach, Frame of Mind Coaching, Toronto, Canada

I just want to thank you. Between you and the counsellor that I am seeing, I have let go of so much and am now trying so hard to live in the... Read More

Beata Life Coaching testimonial – Nancy E
Nancy E
Retired Nurse, Dallas, Texas

For a long time, I wondered if I should try coaching and finally decided to give it a try. When my relationship fell apart, I could not deal... Read More

Beata Life Coaching testimonial – Izabela Sykala
Izabela Sykala
Hospitality Industry, Poland

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