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808 Podcast

8 questions in 8 minutes. Beata tells you why every business owner should use journal writing for better results. Which city has the best Wendy’s? 

JC Soto Interviews Beata Seweryn-Reid On How To Change Our Thought Patterns To Transform Our Lives

Beata Seweryn-Reid is a Transformation Life Coach and International Public Speaker. After a traumatic accident at 7 years old, she created some limiting beliefs that got in the way of her achieving success in every area of her life. After deciding to make the necessary changes in her thinking, she transformed her life and she is currently a successful and in-demand transformation life coach and public speaker.

In this insightful interview Beata shares:

  • What’s the main reason why we are stressed, stuck and we can’t move forward
  • Why we tell ourselves stories
  • When our stories began
  • The science of journaling
  • How journaling helps with our thinking patterns
  • What is change
  • The main reason why we are afraid of change
  • What is it that we really want to achieve
  • The benefits of journaling

Radio Interview with Michelle Mras

Beata Seweryn-Reid is a Transformational Life Coach who uses the tool of journaling to guide her clients. We discuss the importance of dealing with the inner critic in our heads, how journaling helped her through her hardship that brought her from Poland to the United States, how she journals everyday and about her monthly networking event held in Colorado Springs, the Women, Wine & Wellness. Her guest speaker for Jan 15, 2019 at Panino’s is me, Michelle Mras.

Great Moments

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