"For a long time I wondered if I should try coaching and finally decided to give it a try. When my relationship fell apart, I could not deal with it alone. I was constantly sad and couldn’t see a light at the end of the tunnel. I felt ugly, unworthy and was blaming myself for the rejection. I did not want to accept my new reality that I was living. Beata helped me to understand how my thinking was impacting my everyday life. Beata showed me the best tool for becoming aware of the stories that I was telling myself for a very long time and that were keeping me stuck in unhappiness. The tool she introduced to me was journal writing. I never thought that the simple act of writing and Beata’s insightful questions could help me to move forward in such a short period of time. Journaling and coaching with Beata allowed me to look at myself in a way I had not looked at myself before. I gained awareness of who I am at my core and that nobody can make me feel less without my permission. I highly recommend Beata to everyone. Her active listening skills and deep questions will make you reflect. Thanks to our conversations, I not only became a more open person, but I understood how to redefine myself. I recommend Beata to every woman that feels lost and is looking for positive change. She is the best!"


Izabela Sykala

Hospitality Industry, Poland

“I just want to thank you. Between you and the counselor that I am seeing, I have let go of so much and am now trying so hard to live in the moment instead of the past and in the “what if” and trying to not live “in the future of what might/might not happen”. I am sure My husband appreciates the change because I no long have so much anger at myself (that I took out on him)and others. I am still not great at the journaling thing but i do find myself stopping the negative thoughts. Progress.”


Nancy E

Retired Nurse, Dallas, Texas

“Beata will take you on a journey to explore your inner most thinking and help you move those beliefs that get in the way of your personal and professional successes. Beata is quick to capture your story and peel away those layers by asking deep, critical questions that challenge your beliefs. Her warm and welcoming demeanour makes the experience engaging and thought provoking. Get into the Beata vibe!”


Chari Schwartz

Certified Coach, Frame of Mind Coaching, Toronto, Canada

“If you are looking for an incredible and effective coach to guide you through life difficulties into a more fulfilling life, you’ll find one in Beata Seweryn-Reid. She is a very caring person but she will not let you slide with your excuses to make change happen. Beata pretty quickly helped me to realize my victim attitude. Gently but effectively she helped me to face the fact that I was completely and utterly caught up in FEAR stories that had no basis in reality. Fear of failure, fear of change, fear of this, fear of that! She made me aware of beliefs and actions that weren’t serving me well. Instead of having me dwell on my circumstances, she immediately started to give me the tools (e.g. journal writing) I needed to build a ladder out of my well of fear and enabled me to climb to safety. I learned about my beliefs and actions that were holding me back and that stepping out of the comfort zone is not about jumping from the plane but about stretching myself one inch at a time. Her trust in me give me the courage to act and to not wait for someone to save me. I’m so grateful to have Beata next to me in the darkest hours of my life.”


Marlene W

Financial Advisor, Manchester, UK

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