Izabela Sykala
Hospitality Industry, Poland
For a long time, I wondered if I should try coaching and finally decided to give it a try. When my relationship fell apart, I could not deal with it alone. I was constantly sad and couldn’t see a light at the end of the tunnel. I felt ugly, unworthy and was blaming myself for the rejection. I did not want to accept the new reality that I was living in. Beata helped me to understand how my thinking was impacting my everyday life. Beata showed me the best tool for becoming aware of the stories that I was telling myself for a very long time and that were keeping me stuck in unhappiness. The tool she introduced to me was journal writing. I never thought that the simple act of writing and Beata’s insightful questions could help me to move forward in such a short period of time. Journaling and coaching with Beata allowed me to look at myself in a way I had not looked at myself before. I gained awareness of who I am at my core and that nobody can make me feel less without my permission. I highly recommend Beata to everyone. Her active listening skills and deep questions will make you reflect. Thanks to our conversations, I not only became a more open person, but I understood how to redefine myself. I recommend Beata to every woman that feels lost and is looking for positive change. She is the best!

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