Do You Feel Like It’s Time to Make a Change in Your Life, But Can’t Seem to Find a Way?


Is this you?

You’re a high achieving woman who has all the talent necessary to live a life on your own terms

but you have allowed internal and external factors to get in the way of your happiness.

You want to enjoy every moment of your life with clarity and happiness

but the anxiety and fear to change are taking over and making you feel like you’ve lost your identity?

You’re a courageous woman who’ve been through a significant life change, perhaps a divorce, a breakup, a job loss or even moving to a different country, which has made you pull back

and you just cannot emotionally get over that inner transition and consequently, you’re playing small and missing out on opportunities?

You’ve told yourself so many “Inner Stories” that you’ve created a self-mechanism so that you don’t get hurt again

but you’re finally ready to rewrite your story and find your worthiness, the incredible energy that you once had and you want to have a fulfilling life free of anxiety, overwhelm and resistance.

Stay with me…Ask yourself a question.

What is the cost of NOT changing anything?

Do you fear missing out on enjoying life?

Do you regret that you don’t currently have it all; great relationships, satisfying job, happy family, time to travel…?

I am going to share a lesson to help you make a decision.

Until you change your inner life story, your life patterns and relationships will continue to be repeated – only the faces will change.

If this is you, I can help you rewrite your story and this is how you’re going to feel…

How It Works

Awakens Awareness of where you are...

The best tool to navigate your current situation is a journal writing. You get to know yourself at a core level.  You’re able to recognize what triggers your emotions and moods, reduces stress, allows you to release any illusions that have built up, increases your focus and emotional stability, allows you to re-experience the past with today in mind. Daily journaling is like a mirror,  no matter how hard you try, you can’t pretend that wrinkles are not there. This deep inner work awakens awareness that is required to change and transition.

Peace in chaos

In times of disorientation, daily journaling with your coach will reassure you and keep you clear on your journey. I will be your Guide in times when you feel lost and disheartened.

Together we are able to bring peace in your chaotic life which is mostly caused by “loop thoughts” – thoughts that run round and round in your mind feeding the false stories that drain your energy and distract you from seeing solutions and seeking true happiness and peace of mind.

Finally, you will be acting not reacting to the outside events which will make you happier and more confident in whatever you want in your life.

The Courage to Act

We tend to spend too much time spending and making ourselves wrong instead of pausing our spinning mind and think what resources do you have available? Who can I ask for help? The Courage that you develop during our coaching sessions equips you in making a decision.. to take charge of your own life. In moments of adversity you’ll make a choice to act in ways that strengthen rather than undermine your self-esteem. You act fearlessly because you are resilient. Your mental capacity allows you to adapt with ease when things do not go your way. You might bend but you won’t break.  You’ll become aware of who you are and what you’re capable of taking action instead of waiting for someone to save you. You become part of your nature. The most important is that you are in charge of your inner world, your thinking and your emotions are under your control. 

My Approach

My coaching approach is from the inside out. Every positive change starts on the inside before you can see the outside results. We start by exploring your thoughts because your thinking is the main source of your outcomes: happiness or pain, success or failure, are the products of your thoughts and the stories behind them.  I use the Frame of Mind Methodology that, at its core, has the ability to make a personal change possible in a very short period of time by guiding you to become aware of your beliefs, perspectives and…those that are holding you back from your desired transformation. The results of coaching with me will create a ripple effect in every area of your life.


“When you know who you are on a deep level, there is not a person nor an event that can bring you down. Yes, maybe you will bend for a short period of time, but you won’t let it break you.” Beata Seweryn-Reid

My Coaching Packages

1-2-1 Courage to Change “Intensives”

In this 10 weeks program, we will take a very close look at your thinking processes and see how they relate to the outcomes that you are experiencing in different areas of your life.

The Next Step Mastermind group.

Twice per month, we will have a 90-minute group zoom video call.  Calls begin with 20-30 minutes of coaching on a topic relevant to the group based on previous questions and posts.  The remainder of the call will be open discussion, questions and advice among members.


30 Day Success Coaching Package

Unshakable Mindset The Only Skill You Really Need!

Because you are here now, are you seeking a solution to your current situation?  An answer is a tool that is only as good as the effort you put into using it. To make it work, you have to be engaged, committed and willing to form new habits.  It is the only way to truly implement change.


Download Beata's Speaker Sheet and find out how she can help you to explore and identify your limiting thoughts and beliefs through the journaling process.

Talking Points
  • Our Thinking impacts our outcomes
  • Journaling for self-awareness
  • Keeping your identity during a major life crisis
  • The only thing getting in the way of change is your own thinking
  • Life events are stressful, or not, as you make them
  • Luxury Experience

Begin your transformation now by taking my Courage to Change Assessment that will bring clarity to your life and start you on the path to positive change.

"Change Your Story, Change Your Life"

Helping You Change Your Story So That You Can Change Your Life.

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Journaling has changed my life...


For me, one of the most powerful tools I have found in successfully navigating the challenges that we face has been journaling.

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