1-2-1 Courage to Change “Intensives”

Are you confused about where you are in your life and are looking for a way out?

Are changes in your life leaving you feeling anxious and afraid?

Do you wake up feeling that you would rather be anywhere but here – in that job, that relationship?

Are you comparing your life to the lives of your friends and then questioning your own worth?

If you relate to any of these questions, I want to assure you that there is a solution.

My coaching approach is from the inside out. Every positive change starts on the inside before you can see the outside results. We start with exploring your thoughts because your thinking is the main source of your outcomes: happiness or pain, success or failure, are the products of your thoughts and the stories behind them.  I use the Frame of Mind Methodology that, at its core, has the ability to make a personal change possible in a very short period of time by guiding you to become aware of your beliefs and perspectives and those that are holding you back from your desired transformation. The results of coaching with me will create a positive ripple effect in every area of your life.


During the 10 week program together, we will take a very close look at your thinking processes and see how they relate to the outcomes that you are experiencing in different areas of your life.

The 10-week program consists of 10 one hour, one-on-one calls with me as your coach. During your journey, you’ll also be asked to journal online, allowing me to review your thoughts and comment on them between our calls. This process is intense and deliberate, taking you deeper and deeper each day rather than once a week like traditional coaching. This is all about driving results through an intimate experience as I help you to identify your beliefs and the resulting thoughts that are holding you back.  I believe the entire process results in a level of personal insight that is second to none and is designed to achieve radical transformation in a short amount of time.



This program is for you if you are a high achiever and do not want to waste your valuable time and money on programs that are supposed to transform your life but all you get is guided instructions to “do it by yourself,” a call once a month to check in  “what is new?” This program is for you if you are fully committed to making that Transformation real.

Beata Seweryn-Reid

Together we will

Explore your mindset, thinking patterns, limiting beliefs, and the stories that dictate your moods, actions and affect your happiness.

Decide what areas of your life require you to make a change ASAP so you can relax and focus on implementing one change at a time.

Walk you safely through the “decision-making process” that will help you to make decisions based on facts and not on emotions.
Verify what stories are causing the most damage to various areas in your life and how they limit your true potential.
Discover how much you let what you wish to be the truth stand in the way of seeing what really is true and taking action.

Close the gap between what is in your power to change and what you need to let go of.

Master your mindset and be in charge of your own life when it seems to be out of control.
Re-evaluate your relationships: You – Are you your own frenemy or friend? Your inner circle – are they adding energy to your life or they are sapping the energy out of your life?  
Learn how to Communicate your needs not only to your family (significant other, your team, and/or your managers) but also to yourself.

Work through your fears and discuss your unconscious biases: “I am not enough”, “I am not ready,” “It is not who I am,” “I do not deserve” and transform them into empowering stories that align with your goals.
Learn how to manage emotions that are causing you pain.

Gain control of your emotions by getting to know how to refocus your thoughts, so your mood is not making you overwhelmed.

Revisit your core values and develop a deeper awareness of healthy boundaries, being able to speak up for yourself and be confident in it.
Learn to look within and trust that you have all the tools and resources to make a positive change happen.

Learn that the easiest way to go through any change is to adjust to it instead of fighting it.

Create a life that you deeply desire.   


How to use a journal to increase your potential, download the stress and to find peace of mind when in crisis.

The power of visualization with journal writing.

Breathing techniques to calm your emotions.

THE POWER TO MAKE BEST OF CHANGE LIES WITHIN YOU. “When you want to change and change fast start by changing the way you think.” Changing your beliefs and perception can change your entire life although it will not happen without your active participation. Take charge of your happiness now and schedule a discovery call with me. Let’s discuss what small change you can make today so you do not live the same tomorrow over and over.

Find out if Empowerment Coaching and Mentoring with Beata is right for you! Apply for an Empowered Strategy Session with Beata and we’ll explore how you can launch the next chapter of your life to create desired changes and live life fully. 

Begin your transformation now by taking my Courage to Change Assessment that will bring clarity to your life and start you on the path to positive change.

"Change Your Story, Change Your Life"

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