Are you ready to get unstuck and live the life you always desired? 

Have you wanted to find a safe place to share and to be understood?

Would you like to be a part of a supportive community of women?

Are you ready to get unstuck and live the life you always desired?

That’s why I created The Next Step Mastermind Group Program which is designed for women who are ready to engage in their personal development by investing in themselves. It is about acknowledging that we are stronger together. I believe that when women inspire and support each other, big things happen.

At The Next Step Mastermind, we talk about facing and overcoming the fear of change.  Our greatest breakthroughs come from getting through obstacles, not from simply waiting for change to happen. When we cultivate the power that can be found in vulnerability and encourage each other in taking personal risks something magical happens- Empowerment!

By taking active steps and moving forward together, we can each achieve what we want, no matter where our starting point is, no matter how big of a life change occurs. Instead of feeling isolated and frustrated, we keep moving together, encouraging each other slowly, step-by-step, until our dreams turn into reality.

Now Imagine

  • Expanding your self-resilience to make better decisions, gain confidence and being able to say YES to things that you really want and NO to everything else that is not serving you without guilt and second-guessing.

  • Having better relationships with your kids, friends, and co-workers.

  • Gaining more desire and energy for a fulfilling sexual experience.

  • Being inspired by the stories of other members and noticing that the challenges that you are facing are universal to other women as well.

  • Exploring and stretching your comfort zone in a safe environment before you actually step outside your current boundaries.

  • Developing healthy boundaries that will help you to reduce stress, become happier, more focused and clear.

  • Eliminating the stories that create insecurities that simply aren’t true, but that we continue to believe.


Program Members Benefits

  • Twice per month, we will have a 90 minute group zoom video call.  Calls begin with 20-30 minutes of coaching on a topic relevant to the group based on previous questions and posts. The remainder of the call will be open discussion, questions and advice among members.
  • On occasion, we will have a special guest speaker/expert to join the group video calls to share their wisdom and ideas.
  • Video call will be recorded and made available to all members for replay.
  • Complete confidentiality! All personal and business matters discussed within the group will remain private.
  • Email access to me for advice and encouragement outside of the group.
  • Guidance and wisdom of other soul-sister members with love and support.
  • Free Copy of my guide “Ten Steps to Better Journaling” along with “5 Key Benefits to Journaling”.
  • Early access and member discounts to events.
  • Bi-weekly journaling prompts.
  • Charter members receive 20% on any of my coaching packages.
  • No long term commitment required.

Begin your transformation now by taking my Courage to Change Assessment that will bring clarity to your life and start you on the path to positive change.

"Change Your Story, Change Your Life"

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